vendredi 11 mars 2011

Sourdough Baguettes

En Français :-)

Stiff sourdough

90g plain flour
40g water
30-40g active liquid sourdough

Final Dough (for 5 small 180g mini baguettes)

500g flour (plain will do)
375g water
12-13g salt
1-2g quick yeast (1/4 tsp)

Thanks again to the following website:

The following recipe is the outcome of several months of trying such or such recipe, of practicing various types of kneading, of shaping and pre-shaping again and again, of proving sometimes to briefly, often for too long, of hoping for something magical when finally opening the oven and finally going for a recipe and using techniques from the above website. 
The result is extremely satisfying and the taste, according to friends and family, is better than your average boulangerie. Let's try it!